Friday, September 21, 2012

Space Shuttle Endeavour

OK, no curious cameras were involved (just a boring old Nikon D3).  But the space shuttle Endeavour flew over San Francisco today, on the back of a 747, and I had so much fun shooting it, I wanted to share a couple pictures.

Today was the last day that any of the shuttles will ever fly.  Endeavour is now on the ground in Los Angeles, where it will soon be ensconced in the California Science Center forevermore.  Seeing it overhead for the last time was a sad and beautiful thing.

space shuttle endeavour

space shuttle endeavour

Update: I run the San Francisco Lightroom user group, and at our October, 2012 meeting I used the black and white photo above as an example while I talked about some of the things you can do in the Lightroom Develop module.  If you'd like to see what the photo looked like originally, and how I made it look the way it looks here, you can watch the full presentation here, or you can watch an abbreviated version here.

Update 2: The website PetaPixel has featured the how-to video that I made, you can see their article here.